How to Dress a Pear Body Shape?

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Hey there my fellow pear-shaped beauties! If you’ve got a smaller upper body and fuller hips and thighs, then you’re part of the pear-shaped club with me. Our body shape is one of the most common out there – celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and America Ferrera all rock the pear shape too.

Having a pear-shaped figure means we need to keep a few key things in mind when getting dressed to look and feel our best. But don’t worry, I’m here to break it all down for you!

In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about dressing for your gorgeous pear-shaped body.

What Is Pear Body Shape?

First things first, let’s make sure you actually have a pear body type. Pear shapes are characterized by:

  • Hips and thighs that are wider than your shoulders and bust
  • A defined waist that is smaller than your hips
  • A bottom half that is fuller and heavier than your top half
  • Weight gain that tends to accumulate on your lower body first

If this sounds like you, then welcome to the pear club! We’re happy to have you. Some other signs you might be a pear:

  • You often have to go up a size in pants or skirts to fit your lower half
  • Fitted or straight-cut dresses can be tight on your hips and loose on top
  • Your shoulders are relatively narrow and may be sloped
  • You have nicely toned arms thanks to your slender upper body
Jennifer Lopez has a flattering Pear Body Shape !
Jennifer Lopez

How to tell that you have a Pear Body Shape?

Still not sure if you’re a true pear? Here are a few more ways to tell:

  • Measure your bust, waist and hips. If your hips are more than 5% bigger than both your waist and bust, you’re likely a pear.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror wearing something fitted. Pears will have a defined waist with hips that are noticeably wider than the upper body.
  • Think about where you tend to gain weight first. For pears it’s usually the hips, thighs and butt.
  • Consider your typical clothing challenges. If you’re always sizing up in pants and skirts or have gaping at the waist in dresses, welcome to the pear club.

Traits of the Pear Body Shape

In addition to being bottom-heavy, pears often have these traits in common:

  • Narrow, sloping shoulders
  • Smaller bust (typically A or B cup)
  • Highly defined waist that is much smaller than the hips
  • Hips that are the widest point of the body
  • Fuller thighs, butt and saddlebags
  • Lean, slender arms and neck
  • Tendency to gain weight in the lower body first

Sound familiar? While not every pear is exactly the same, most of us can relate to the small-on-top, big-on-bottom struggle. The key is learning how to dress in a way that balances your figure.

Rihanna flaunting her Pear Body Shape

What to avoid for the Pear body shape

Before we dive into what to wear, let’s cover a few things pears should generally avoid:

  • Skinny jeans and leggings as pants – they emphasize the size of the lower body
  • Light colored pants and skirts which make the bottom look bigger
  • Oversized, boxy tops that hide your waist and make you look bigger all over
  • Skirts and dresses that are tight on the hips and thighs
  • Tapered pants that make hips and thighs look larger
  • Excessive details, pockets, and embellishments on the lower body
  • Shapeless dresses that don’t define your waist

The key is to bypass anything that adds bulk to your lower half or hides your waist. When in doubt, define that middle and keep the hips/thighs/butt area streamlined.

How To Dress Pear Body Shape

Now for the fun part – here are the most flattering clothing styles for pear shapes:

Best tops for the Pear Body Type

When shopping for tops, look for styles that add volume and interest to your upper body to balance your hips:

  • Tops with embellishments, ruffles, bright colors or prints to draw the eye up
  • Styles with defined or puffed shoulders to broaden your upper body
  • Boat necks, square necks, v-necks and scoop necks to open up your chest/shoulders
  • Tops that end at the high hip or a bit below – never at the widest point of your hips
  • Fitted styles that nip in at the waist
  • Flowy peplum tops that skim over the hips
  • Wrap tops that define the waist and drape over the hips
Best Tops fpr the Pear Body Shape

Picking the right neckline for a Pear body types

Choosing tops and dresses with the right neckline is key for pear shapes. You want to open up and broaden your shoulders and chest as much as possible. The most flattering necklines are:

  • V-necks
  • Scoop necks
  • Boat necks/bateau necks
  • Square necks
  • Sweethearts
  • Off-the-shoulder
  • Strapless

Avoid high necklines like turtlenecks that make the upper body look smaller in comparison to the hips. The more open your neckline is, the more balanced you will look.

Ideal blazers for the Pear type

A well-fitting blazer is a pear-shaped gal’s best friend. Look for styles that create shape on your upper body:

  • Structured shoulders with a bit of padding
  • Nipped in, defined waist
  • Hits at the upper hip
  • Single-breasted styles (double-breasted can add bulk)
  • Solid colors or subtle prints
  • Avoid boxy, oversized fits that hide your shape

Cropped blazers that hit at the natural waist are great for pears too. Experiment with different fits to find one that flatters your figure best.

Choosing the flattering shirts

Button-down shirts can be tricky for pears since our hips are much wider than our bust. Look for styles that:

  • Have some stretch in the fabric
  • Are fitted at the waist and shoulders but not tight on the hips
  • Have darts or princess seams for shaping
  • End at the high hip, never the widest part of your hips
  • Are in solid colors, vertical stripes or subtle prints

Flowy tunics that drape over the hips are another great option. Just make sure they have some definition at the waist, either with a tie, elastic waist or belt.

Best dresses for the Pear type

Dresses are an easy way to look put-together, and there are lots of flattering options for pears:

  • Wrap dresses that define the waist and flare over the hips
  • Fit and flare dresses that hug the top and float away from the hips
  • A-line dresses that gradually widen from the waist
  • Dresses with full or puffed sleeves to balance hips
  • Styles with ruffles, embellishments or prints on the upper body
  • Dresses with dark solid color skirts and lighter/brighter tops

Avoid dresses that are straight and tight all over, as they make hips look larger. Styles with defined waists and flared skirts are your best bet.

Picking your ideal T-shirt

T-shirts are a casual staple that can work for pears if you choose the right fit. Look for:

  • Fitted, not tight, styles that skim your curves
  • Scoop, v-neck or boat necks
  • Slightly cropped styles that hit at the high hip
  • Thicker, high-quality fabrics with some structure
  • Solid colors, stripes or smaller prints

Avoid oversized, boxy tees that hide your shape and make you look bigger all over. Fitted, shorter styles that show your waist are the way to go.

What bottoms work best for the Pear Type?

Choosing flattering bottoms is key for pears to balance our bottom-heavy proportions. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Look for styles that skim over the hips and thighs rather than clinging
  • Opt for darker colors on the bottom to downplay your lower half
  • Choose higher rises to elongate your legs and define your waist
  • Avoid overly tight fits and go for a little extra room in the hips and thighs
  • Bypass low rises that create a muffin top and emphasize hips
  • Look for flat front styles without extra pockets/details on hips
  • Bootcut, flare and wide leg styles balance hips best

Pears can wear skinny bottoms, just be sure to balance them with looser, longer tops. When in doubt, go for a straighter, looser fit on the bottom.

Best shorts for the Pear body type

Shorts are a summer staple that can totally work for pears. The key is to find a flattering length and fit:

  • Aim for shorts that hit mid-thigh or just above the knee
  • Look for styles with a bit of flare or width in the leg to balance hips
  • Opt for flat front, side zip styles without extra pockets/details on hips
  • Choose stretch denim or cotton blends for a comfortable, flexible fit
  • Pair shorter shorts with looser, flowy tops to balance proportions

Avoid short shorts that hit at the widest point of your thigh, as well as overly tight fits that emphasize your hips and butt. Mid-length, flowy styles are your friend.

Tips on finding your best skirt

Skirts are a great choice for pears, as long as you choose the right shape. Look for:

  • A-line skirts that gradually flare out from the waist
  • Bias cut skirts that drape over the hips
  • Skirts with flouncy, ruffled hems to balance hips
  • Wrap skirts that define the waist
  • Skirts that hit just above or below the knee
  • Solid dark colors or subtle prints

Avoid tight pencil skirts and tulip shapes that emphasize the hips. Stick with styles that float away from your lower half for the most flattering look.

America Ferrera

How to choose the most flattering jeans?

Finding jeans that fit and flatter can feel impossible for pears. Here are some tips:

  • Look for stretch denim with 2-3% spandex for a comfortable fit
  • Choose mid or high rise styles that define your waist
  • Opt for bootcut, flare or straight leg styles to balance hips
  • Avoid overly distressed or light washes which draw attention to hips/thighs
  • Look for brands that carry curvy fit or pear-shaped options
  • If you go skinny, choose a darker wash and pair with looser tops

The #1 key for pears is to accentuate your waist and keep the hip/thigh area as streamlined as possible. When in doubt, go for a looser, straighter fit.


Still have questions about dressing your pear shape? I’ve got answers:

What jeans look best on pear shapes?

The most universally flattering jeans for pears are a mid or high rise in a bootcut, flare or straight leg style. Opt for stretch denim in a solid dark wash for a smooth, streamlined look.

How can I minimize my pear shape?

To downplay your pear shape, choose tops and dresses that add volume to your upper body, define your waist, and skim over your hips/thighs. Opt for darker colors and streamlined fits on the bottom.

What kind of dresses look good on a pear-shaped body?

The best dresses for pears have fitted tops, defined waists and flared skirts like an A-line, fit and flare or wrap dress. Avoid shapeless styles and anything too tight or clingy on the bottom.

Do pear shapes have big thighs?

Pear shapes tend to carry more weight in their hips, butt and thighs compared to their upper body. So while not all pears have big thighs, it is a common characteristic of this body type.


I hope this guide has given you all the tips and inspiration you need to start dressing for your pear shape with confidence! Remember, the key is to balance your upper and lower body by accentuating your shoulders, bust and waist while streamlining your hips and thighs. 

Focus on defining your waist and keeping everything in proportion. Most importantly, embrace those gorgeous curves! Wear what makes you feel amazing and don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ve got this, my pear-shaped bombshells!