What is a Shacket? The Trendy Shirt-Jacket Hybrid

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What is a Shacket?

A shacket is a popular clothing item that combines features of a shirt and a jacket. Shackets are versatile pieces that can be worn in various styles to suit different occasions. Here is an in-depth look at what shackets are and why they have become a top fashion trend.

What is a Shacket Clothing?

A shacket, also sometimes called a shirt jacket, is an overshirt that is lightweight like a shirt but has the structured silhouette of a jacket. Shackets typically have a collar and button front closure like a shirt. However, they have a boxy, jacket-like shape rather than the tapered fit of a typical button-up shirt.

Shackets can be made of various fabrics, most commonly cotton, wool blend, or polyester. The thicker fabric and layered style allows shackets to provide light warmth while remaining breathable and comfortable for layering. Compared to regular jackets, shackets are lighter in weight and more flexible.

The versatility of shackets allows them to bridge the gap between shirts and jackets. They are easy to style as a light overshirt in temperate weather or as a base layer underneath a coat in colder months.

What Does Shacket Stand For?

The name “shacket” is a portmanteau of the words “shirt” and “jacket.” This fusion name came about because the shacket combines characteristic elements of both shirts and jackets in its design.

Specifically, shackets take:

  • The collared shirt-like top fabric and button-down front of a traditional shirt.
  • The structured silhouette, layered shape, and heavier fabric of a jacket.

So “shacket” perfectly encapsulates this shirt-jacket hybrid style that has become a staple wardrobe item for many people. The name immediately gives a sense of what this versatile garment is – not quite a shirt, not quite a jacket, but the best elements of both.

What is a Shacket Jacket?

A shacket jacket is another name for the same shirt-jacket hybrid garment. Compared to other types of jackets, shacket jackets have some defining features:


Shackets are made of light, breathable fabrics like cotton, wool blends, or polyester. This allows them to be worn comfortably indoors and outdoors.


Shacket jackets can be layered, dressed up or down, and styled open or closed. Their versatility allows them to be worn year-round.

Casual styling

While they can be dressed up, shacket jackets have a casual, laidback aesthetic. They usually have a loose, boxy fit instead of a fitted silhouette.

Front closures

Shackets have shirt-style front closures like buttons, zippers, or snaps. Some may even have a hood.

So in summary, a shacket jacket has the comfort and breathability of a shirt with the structured look and feel of a light jacket. It’s the perfect in-between layering piece.

Why are Shackets So Damn Trendy Right Now?

Shackets have become extremely popular fashion items in recent years for good reason. Here are some of the key factors that have made shackets a huge trend:


Shackets are versatile enough to wear year-round. In cooler weather they add warmth as a top layer, while in warmer weather they work as a light cover-up. This versatility makes them a functional wardrobe staple.


Shackets are designed specifically for layering over shirts or under jackets and coats. Their boxy cut layers without adding bulk.

Fashion forward 

Shackets have a casual, laid back vibe that fits with many contemporary street style trends. They offer an effortlessly cool look.

Androgynous style 

Unisex shacket designs suit a range of body types. They work well for both masculine and feminine styles.


Compared to jackets, shackets offer the same layered look for a more affordable price point for most consumers.

Trendy variations 

Shackets now come in cool variations like oversized fits, cropped lengths, plaid prints, Sherpa lining, and more. There are modern options for every personal style.

Shackets are the perfect storm of quality, versatility, style, and value that consumers look for in a wardrobe staple. Their ongoing popularity as a mainstream fashion trend makes complete sense.

Are Shackets Trendy for Men and Women?

Shackets have become popular among all genders for their cool androgynous styling. Here’s a look at how both men and women are rocking the shacket fashion trend:

Women: Oversized and boyfriend-style shackets are trendy for a laidback, casual look. They pair well with dresses, skirts, leggings, and jeans. Cropped shackets are also popular.

Men: Shackets align well with men’s casual and workwear style. Masculine patterns like buffalo plaid and utility pockets have a rugged appeal. Shackets work for business casual outfits too.

Unisex designs: Many shackets today are specifically designed as unisex. These suit a wide range of body types. Oversized shackets allow for adjustable styling.

Streetstyle: Shackets are a streetstyle go-to. Both male and female influencers are wearing them in edgy ways, like layered over hoodies and sweatshirts.

Workwear: For manual jobs, a shacket can add warmth and protection while allowing ease of movement. Gender-neutral work shackets are functional options.

Weekend wear: Shackets have become a weekend staple paired with jeans, joggers, tees, and tanks for a relaxed vibe. This style suits all genders.

So whether you identify as male, female, or non-binary, there are stylish shacket options that will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Shackets allow you to express both your femininity and masculinity.

FAQ’s : 

Are shackets good for cold weather?

Yes, shackets are versatile lightweight layers for cold weather. Look for lined or insulated shackets with materials like wool, fleece, or Sherpa that provide warmth without bulk.

Can you layer shackets?

Absolutely. Shackets are designed for layering. Wear them over t-shirts, button-downs, hoodies, or sweaters. Layer under denim jackets, peacoats, parkas, or puffer coats when it’s extra cold.

How do you style a shacket?

Shackets pair well with casual basics like jeans, chinos, leggings, t-shirts, and sneakers. Try open unbuttoned over a tank or tee, or buttoned up with the sleeves rolled up. Cropped and oversized shackets can be extra stylish.`

Are shackets windproof?

Most regular shackets are not fully windproof as they are too lightweight. But some wind-resistant shacket options come in technical fabrics that block wind while allowing breathability and stretch. These are ideal for activities like hiking and camping.

Can you machine wash shackets?

Many cotton, polyester, and poly-blend shackets can be safely machine washed. Use cold water and delicate cycles. Some may require air drying instead of the dryer. Refer to the fabric care instructions for your specific shacket.


Shackets have become the trendy item to own with their versatility to span seasons and styles. This shirt-jacket hybrid provides a practical yet stylish way to layer and add interest to any outfit. Both fashionable and functional, the shacket trend offers a cool gender-neutral option for casual wear, workwear, and outdoor wear. 

Shackets can suit any personal aesthetic and keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable year-round. This must-have item is a staple addition to both women’s and men’s wardrobes.