How to Style a Shacket with Leggings? Tips for Cozy-Chic Outfits

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How to Style a Shacket with Leggings

Shackets, the shirt-jacket hybrid garment, are a versatile wardrobe staple that can be styled in many different ways. Pairing a shacket with leggings creates a comfortable, casual outfit perfect for running errands, going to brunch, or simply lounging around. 

With the right styling, you can take your shacket and leggings from day to night. Here are some tips on how to wear a shacket with leggings.

How to Style a Shacket with leggings?

Pair an oversized shacket with basic leggings, layering with a fitted top underneath. Complete the look with sneakers or ankle boots for a casual yet stylish outfit.

How to Wear a Shacket With Leggings?

When styling a shacket with leggings, balance is key. Since leggings tend to be form-fitting on the bottom half, pair them with a slightly oversized or boxy shacket on top. This creates proportion and visual interest. Here are some shacket and legging outfit ideas:

  • Oversized denim shacket with black leggings and white sneakers
  • Flannel shacket half-tucked into colored leggings and ankle boots
  • Hooded utility shacket with leggings and slip-on shoes
  • Cropped shacket with high-waisted leggings and loafers

Avoid shackets that are too fitted, as they may look constricting over leggings. Go for shackets in casual fabrics like denim, corduroy, flannel, or soft woven shirts. For colder weather, try a sherpa or fleece-lined shacket.

How to Style a Shacket with Leggings?
Shackets with Leggings for Plus Size

What Type of Leggings Should I Wear With a Shacket?

When wearing leggings with a shacket, opt for leggings in dark, neutral or opaque colors that elongate the legs. Some good options include:

  • Black leggings – The classic choice that pairs well with any color shacket.
  • Gray leggings – Provides versatility to pair with different shacket colors.
  • Navy or dark green leggings – Alternative neutral colors that work for casual to smart casual styles.
  • Leather-look leggings – Edgy faux leather or coated leggings complement oversized shackets.
  • Thick ponte leggings – The extra weight makes these leggings look more polished.

Avoid light-colored leggings like white, that can appear too casual or revealing under most shackets. Leggings with sheer panels or mesh details also tend to look incongruous with a shacket. Save those for layering under dresses or tunics instead.

Black Leggings with Shacket

Shacket with Leggings and Boots

Boots take the shacket and leggings look up a notch in terms of style. Here are some boot options to consider:

  • Ankle boots – Sleek ankle boots with block or stiletto heels give this casual look a bit of polish.
  • Chelsea boots – The elastic sides make Chelsea boots easy to slip on and off when wearing fitted leggings.
  • Western boots – Cowboy-style mid-calf or knee-high boots add a rugged vibe.
  • Hiking boots – Pair outdoorsy lace-up boots with a utility shacket.
  • Uggs – Cozy shearling-lined Uggs are perfect for winter shacket pairings.
  • Combat boots – Lug-soled or doc marten style boots create an edgy contrast with leggings.

Finish the outfit with crossbody or shoulder bags rather than clutches or oversized totes that can overwhelm the skinny bottom half. Add pops of color and personality with your choice of boots and bag.

Crossbody Bags with Shackets

How to Dress Up Shacket and Leggings?

While shackets and leggings generally skew casual, you can also create more polished looks by:

  • Choosing a satin shacket or one with dressed up details like embroidery or rose gold buttons
  • Pairing leather leggings with a drapey chiffon shacket
  • Adding some delicate jewelry like layered necklaces or hoop earrings
  • Carrying a structured top-handle bag instead of a relaxed crossbody purse
  • Incorporating tailored blazers or long vest layers on top
  • Wearing heeled booties rather than flat boots or sneakers

What to Wear Under a Shacket with Leggings?

Since leggings tend to be figure-hugging, wearing the right layers under your shacket is important:

  • Stick to seamless underwear and avoid any pantylines
  • Layer tanks or fitted long sleeves under your shacket in colder weather
  • Choose smoothing shapewear if needed, avoiding any visible lines or bulges
  • Wear a bodysuit rather than a separate top to avoid shirt untucking


What if my shacket is oversized – how do I style it with leggings?

If your shacket is already oversized or boxy, balance it out by tucking just the front into your leggings. This creates shape while still showing off the shacket details. Wearing sleek shoes like stiletto booties also balances out a billowy shacket.

Can I wear a shacket with leggings if I have a pear body shape?

Yes, pear shapes can absolutely wear shackets with leggings flatteringly. Choose a longer shacket that hits at hip level to balance out wider hips and legs. Dark leggings that closely match your skin tone will also create an elongating effect.

What shoes should I avoid with shackets and leggings?

Stay away from bulky sneakers, wide calf rain boots, and flip flops when wearing leggings with shackets. The looser fit of these shoes clashes with the streamlined look of leggings. Save them for other athleisure or casual pairings.


Shackets and leggings make the perfect weekend-ready outfit – comfortable, casual and stylish. Follow these tips on shacket styling, leggings pairing, and layering to elevate your look. Have fun mixing different colors, prints and boot styles to showcase your personal flair. With so many ways to wear them, shackets and leggings promise go-anywhere versatility all year round.